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How to make a FM transmitter using RaspberryPI

1 minute read


Raspberry PI’s have built in EMI supression functionality for reducing external noise using Spread Spectrum Clock Signal (SSCS). This signal can be modulated and used as FM transmitter. The frequency range is between 1MHz - 250Mhz and emitted on GPIO pin 4.


A simple and fun C++ program Keyboard Cat

1 minute read


Recently i was working on a CTF challenge found online. I came a across a problem where i have to send random characters to a an executable. I found some long linux commands to generate random strings. Why no one has made a simple program to get this job done? I decided to make simple program myself.


What is an Early bird code injection technique?

1 minute read


Evading anti malware software has always been a challenge for the hackers out there. Anti viruses are getting smarter everyday by using behavior analysis by implementing machine learning algorithms. Now hackers have developed a new code injection technique called Early bird.


What is DNS leak

2 minute read



DNS or Domain Name System is like internet phonebook. Humans identify things people places by names whereas computers only know numbers. Each and every URL you type for example, you are first directed to the DNS server which searches for the correct Ip address of the url or domain name that you have typed. Usually your ISP provides the DNS servers, thereby monitoring your activity on web. The process is complex so all you need to know is that DNS server is like a phonebook u search for names to actually contact a specific address.

List of all basic linux commands

10 minute read


When we think of linux the first thing that come to our mind is a terminal or cli. If you are new to linux based operating systems then you might find it difficult to use a command line interface for the first time. Many of newbies find it hard and always prefer a GUI, some people simply revert to windows or a mac. Once you know how to use a command line interface you will never look for a gui, i guarantee you. if you are a geek definitely you will find it awesome.

Here is the list of all commands in linux.